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Open Forum
« on: May 30, 2021, 06:58:32 PM »
Welcome to the Open Forum. This section is mostly intended for pro-Whites who need to ask or state something but who have reasons for not registering an account. It is, however, also open to posting by anti-Whites or neutral parties.

The same Forum Rules apply here as well as to the rest of the board.

"Don't post anything stupid" is essentially a catch-all. Chances are that if you happen to be stupid, you will not be capable of discerning what constitutes stupid posting.

Some examples will be mentioned in this post as they crop up. One obvious example: if you attempt to reduce race to mere skin colour in any argument, your post will not be approved. It's well enough known that skin colour is but one of a plethora of racial traits; there's no need to waste anyone's time with puerile arguments based on the idea that skin colour is the only racial distinction.